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Give to Support Newspapers in Education

A recurring donation of $19.84 each month ensures the NIE program can grow and expand its reach to even more local students, teachers, and schools.

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NIE activities support local newspapers while improving the lives of Missouri schools, teachers, and students. We count on donors like you so that we can make sure that journalists, the journalism industry, our children, our families and our democracy are thriving today and surviving into tomorrow.

Here on this site, you can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation to make planning for the future easier.

As the International Literacy Association notes: "The ability to read, write and communicate connects people to one another and empowers them to achieve things they never thought possible. Communication and connection are the basis of who we are and how we live together and interact with the world.” The Missouri Department of Education builds off this notion, encouraging schools to fully prepare students for the challenges and expectations they face by developing literacy skills in all content areas. However, in keeping with the standards and budgets of most other states, Missouri laws neither mandate nor provide for any particular literacy programs. This gap in education is part of the reason 45 million Americans are functionally illiterate and cannot read above a fifth-grade level.

NIE's primary objective is to develop, encourage and support the use of the newspaper as a teaching resource for promoting literacy, a life-long love of learning and community and global perspectives. NIE was founded on the belief that use of the newspaper is an essential element in the formation of citizenship, so the Missouri Press Foundation continues work to ensure the program can provide teachers with free supplemental teaching materials to help make their use of the newspaper in the classroom easy, convenient and effective for students.

If a donation is not likely at this time, please reach out to me to discuss other possible options and opportunities. I would be happy to talk on the phone, chat over email, or visit you in person.